Prelude:The efficacy of case study, as a pedagogical tool is well established in Management education. It is one of the best ways of dissecting numerous issues related to real-world problems and applying a range of analytical and problem solving skills.

Case studies broaden the horizon of management graduates by engaging them in series of intellectually stimulating sessions concerning issues that act as the orbit around which the modern business rotates. They provide with the best of opportunities for the application of concepts under various disciplines thereby helping learners to understand business problems and the importance of decision making.

Keeping in view the dynamics of business and the ever increasing uncertainty of outcomes of business decisions, a need is felt to understand and propagate this pedagogical tool so as to accentuate its importance in both, management education as well as the corporate world.

Objective: The objective of this conclave is to offer a platform to case writers (both new and seasoned) academicians and industry experts to highlight and dwell upon the nuances of complex decision making situations. Elixir would provide a forum for discussion on various issues across diversified areas hence advocating a paradigm shift in teaching pedagogy.

Conclave Format: Elixir aims at creating a repository of cases that will benefit all stake holders. Elixir will provide a platform for not only presenting the cases but will also provide an opportunity to improvise further.

Elixir 2017 aims to support and provide constructive feedback to both budding and experienced case writers. New case writers are encouraged to send their cases along or seek feedback about the same at any stage of case development. Elixir aims at raising the bar for each participant in this area.

All the cases selected and reviewed during the conclave will be published in the form of a book from a leading publisher with ISBN Number.